Anne Fontaine

Anne Fontaine is a Maison of ready-to-wear and luxury women’s accessories essentially known for its white blouses. Over the years, Anne Fontaine has imposed the white shirt as an essential part of the feminine wardrobe and has imagined an entire collection around this iconic piece. In 2004, the Maison launched its first line of accessories for women including jewelry, leather goods and cufflinks, followed two years later by the creation of removable collars presented in a gallery as works of art. In 2008, Anne Fontaine launched its Les Précieuses line, an exclusive limited edition collection. In 2016, Anne Fontaine created the line CASUAL, an easywear collection bypas¬sing the creative codes of the Maison while highlighting its environmental commitment.

Tél : +33 (0)1 42 68 04 95


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