BRIC’S was established in 1952 in the Lake Como region: the Italian luxury travel brand is now known around the world for its travel goods with exceptional style. More than 65 years of craftsmanship, history, passion and regional traditions. The expertise of the artisan and attention to detail in manufacture have always been the characteristics of our brand. Our production has always been characterised by continual development, where research and heritage, innovation and tradition, function and elegance are intertwined and balanced by skilled crafting, cutting edge technology and interpretations of the latest trends, creating a perfect fusion of form, function and design. Today, BRIC’S reflects the timeless elegance typical of its province, Lake Como, harmoniously blended with the urban and cosmopolitan style of Milan. The BRIC’S brand became a global ambassador for Italian style, capitalising on the potential of the worldwide market in distribution, as well as production, while remaining faithful to our motto “Made in BRIC’S", which respects the philosophy and culture of “Made in Italy". BRIC’S’ mission is to become an industry leader in luggage and travel bags, with products renowned for their image and function, with a sound value for money proposition.

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