Carole A. Feuerman is acknowledged, alongside Duane Hanson and John D’Andrea, as one of the three major American hyperrealist sculptors that started the movement in the 1970’s.
Feuerman’s career spans over four decades and four continents. Through her sculptures, she creates visual manifestations of the stories she wants to tell, of strength, survival, and balance. She has taught, lectured, and given workshops at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Solomon Guggenheim Museum, Columbia University, and Grounds for Sculpture. In 2011, she founded the Carole A. Feuerman Sculpture Foundation. Her work was included in An American Odyssey 1945-1980 with the most prominent artists of the American Post-WWII era. A comprehensive one-person show in 2005 was held at the QCC Art Museum/CUNY titled Resin to Bronze Topographies with catalogue essays authored by critics John Yau and Donald Kuspit. It was followed by the installation of her work at the prestigious Grounds for Sculpture in New Jersey. Feuerman has had solo museum retrospectives at the El Paso Museum in Texas, the Huan Tai Hu Museum of Jiangsu Province in China, the Amerillo Art Museum, the Tampa Museum, the Southern Allegneny Museum, QCC, CUNY Museum, and the Queens Museum of Art.

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