As part of the private FIAC course, discover Cyril Lancelin’s exhibition till November 4th.
The 219 reflective spheres plays with an accumulation of metal gold spheres.
“The sphere evokes perfection and purity. It is also, of course, the form of the globe on which we live. This form transcribes for me a communion between nature and technology.” – Cyril Lancelin.
With the repetition of the spheres, the artist duplicates the unit of measure of space and time, giving the piece a sense of temporality. Structured with precision, viewers can enter the installation and experience it kinetically. Aligned in stacks, the spheres appear to emerge from the floor in an ascension, defying gravity. This emergence echoes the very principle of creation itself, an allegory that celebrates life. With this new structure suspended in space, between reality and fiction, void and solid, ephemeral and permanent, Cyril Lancelin questions the balance of things and the movements that govern all forms of life.