Since 2005, Escales has been conveying an authentic image, which embodies a particular way of life. Escales creates elegant top-of-the-range sportswear collections, with a casual style, taking their inspiration from summery ease, as well as from the rigors of winter. For men and women, ready to wear every day, all year round. With its fine and natural materials, Escales draws inspiration from the colours of the seas, skies and precious woods. Escales is an ticket to travel to the world’s most beautiful destinations. Escales invites us to the most wonderful regattas, also whisking us away to Paris, London or New York for a stroll around town, to a stay in the countryside or even at the most beautiful winter resorts. A sophisticated creation, where the superfluous is dispensed with, to make space for the essentials: comfort, quality and elegance. Escales positions itself as an exclusive and prestigious brand.

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